Zoee's Story - An Eye-Opener

Here I was at the prime of my life physically fitand active and able to do anything I wanted. I had just given birth toa beautiful daughter a month previously, and had a healthy active eight-year-oldson. Life couldn't be finer. One morning I awoke with painful major musclespasms in my neck and body making me very rigid. This was far worse thanthe labor I had gone through just a few weeks previously.

The first and only system I knew was allopathy whichoffered me pain killers muscle relaxants which I lived on for the nextfour to five years. Medical findings: my 4th/5th cervical vertebrae werefused as a result of either a congenital condition or an undocumented earlychildhood accident. Now my greatest challenge was to get out of bed eachmorning feeling like a fallen tree had toppled in my path and was difficultto get over. I had to engage my young son to help me get up each morning.Then I had to care for my infant daughter when I didn't have any strengthin my arms to hold her. I couldn't see her beautiful face because I couldn'tmove my head to look at her without holding her at arm's length. I alsohad numbness in my arms and fingers from severe muscle spasms.

I began to feel better with gentle stretching inyoga class, nourishing myself with natural supplements and vitamins, andseeing a chiropractor. Having my neck cracked was scary, shocking and painful:however, it gave mobility for a short time. I looked at changing my marriagestatus and moving to the West Coast, mainly to look at alternative therapiesand to get some relief from this way of life.

There was a ray of light and brightness of hopeas I began to meet healthy active people with alternative life styles andhealth care. One of the first was a chiropractor, Alan Saxon, in the Bayarea of California. At the time he was studying a different type of bodywork that hardly moved the body called Ortho-Bionomy. When Alan placedhis hands on me it felt as if he was doing nothing. What I did notice wasthat the pain was decreasing. I was able to move without pain. How couldsomething so simple make such a difference?

Alan suggested I take a class with the founder ofOrtho-Bionomy, Dr. Arthur Lincoln Pauls, who was visiting from England.How could I do something like this? Was I ready for this? I remember atthe first class feeling very needy and in pain. My biggest wish was tobe the person on the table being touched by Arthur. My wish was heard andI was held in his gentle giant hands. The connection in this touch waslike being awakened from a bad dream. I felt for the first time that someonerecognized me and understood all my suffering. Gradually I woke up to myselfbecause through this soft safe contact I could see my stories and baggagefrom a different point of view. I felt accepted for who I was with allmy glitches. That was 20 years ago, and I had no interest in Ortho-Bionomy.My life changed direction and Ortho-Bionomy has been a way of life for meas well as a career. I am now a Practitioner and Advanced Instructor whoenjoys movement and a pain-free life.

Ortho-Bionomy has taken me to four continents toteach this beautiful work. It helps people recognize themselves, to freeup their aches and pains, and to have more information about the processof their life through their own body.

"ThePattern that Connects"

The storyline, I'm about to unleash, before your eyes, is as old as the hills, since it is a vision, I among others have been glimpsing, a vision of something much bigger than individual life and therefore its portrayal has come and gone with the ebbs and floods of human consciousness

My effort here is to suggest that alignment withnature , the intelligence or force that brought us here, not our culturebut nature, with a trackrecord of 3.5 billion years, is not only our bestbet for our collective perseverance, but entails a design of human life somuch gentler and spiritually fulfilling than our current experience. Thisis not a viewpoint as much as it is a description of what is and what was,long before anybody was around to form opinions and what will be here longafter, we are not.

It is a description that is mirrored in microbiological as well as astronomical realities, a scenario that is carved in stone and bone and when one can crossrelate between different aspects of reality and recognize one is doing the same thing, then a breathing elephant appears, and not just a tale of a toe, thus a description that is in resonance with nature.

The basic tenent being, that if we can adopt a wayof life, a culture that is respecting the laws of life, that all ecological systems follow, we may not only stand a chance to survive with the kind of life we know somewhat intact around us, but also open us to an experience of reality, vastly different from the one available to us today.

The ecological idea, the interwoveness and interconnectedness of all life, is an ancient idea, which have found its expression and form throughout human time, through mystics, poets, sages, philosophers, and nature lovers. And now in our time also in the ideas of forefront scientists; Lovelock, Margulis, Sheldrake, and Maturana to mention but a few, which is very, very significant. Because we are getting from a scientific understanding of how life is organized, seems to be the intuitive understanding, one gets from introspection into ones own nature. Kind of makes sense, if the initial proposition is true, what the esoteric scriptures from ages ago all professed, that All is One.

The motivation for becoming reabsorbed in naturalrhythms, is to move beyond the limited self-understanding, that has helpedto produce today's global problems. A common ethic is what is needed, valuesthat reflect an awareness of the integrity of all of life, an ideologicalframe for our planetary togetherness, nature is exactly that, and more.

The facts of life, the story of evolution as itis now emerging, has the power to unite, not only all people, but all oflife.

There is no "missing link", no evolutionary confusion, neither is there a split between body/mind or matter/spirit, the information is all there, the exact route still under investigation, but the landscape is obvious, One earth, One life, One Love.

-Morten Dithmer, excerpt from his book